• Accelerate Your Child's Reading

    Join a Personalized Reading Book Club. 
    'Just Right' books at your child's reading level
    + a fun individualized reading box.
  • Make Reading Fun

    Motivate your growing reader with lots of  
    'Just Right' books + a personalized reading kit.
    Books used by teachers to teach kids to read
    now right to your home. 
  • Reading Made Fun + Easy

  • How It Works

    Choose Your Box

     Curated 'Just Right' books for your Pre-K to 3rd grader + a personalized reading box.

    Delivered Monthly

    On your doorstep: Special 'Just Right' books that are only accessible to teachers.

    Read & Reread

    Our books are 'Just Right' for your child to become a Super Reader!


    Use our prepaid envelope to send your books back, or pay a little more to keep them.

     Get Your Child to Love Reading! 

    Choose one of our easy-to-use, personalized reading boxes to start receiving lots of 'Just Right' books and personalized reading tools to accelerate your child's reading.

    Pre-K Learning to Read 

    Don't worry if your child isn't reading yet!

    Our reading club will help them learn their letters and sounds and teach them to read.

    Early Reader Accelerate 

    Struggling and successful young readers will jump multiple reading levels!

     Books, normally, only in schools now right to you.


    All of our subscriptions include an option for live tutoring with a reading teacher.

    Why Just Right Reader

    'Just Right' Books Matter

    Children who read and reread books at their 'Just Right' reading level accelerate their reading and love reading. Books need to be 'Just Right,' fun, and plentiful!

    Pre-K books are filled with repetition and pictures to teach your child to read.

    • "The books are catered to my kindergartner's reading level and include fun activities she can do with the family. The prizes and extras all encourage her ongoing reading efforts. She's excited for her next one!" 


      Stefanie, Mom to Anna, 1st grade

    • "Reading does not have to be a battle! It can be fun and easy for your child, and you as the parent, if they are reading the right level books. Now that Stella is at her 'Just Right' level, she is loving reading and can't wait to 'unlock' her next reading prize." 


      – Jill, mom to Stella and Kai

    • "Trying to tell everyone I know about Just Right Reader. I don't want the hard work that we started in school to end when school is out. Just Right Reader, please sign all of my students up ASAP!" 


      – Jennie, San Francisco literacy coach

    • "Our Just Right Reader reading teacher was fun and engaging. She quickly and painlessly figured out our daughter's reading level and gave her reading tips. Thank you, Just Right Reader!" 


      – Robin, mom to Ella

    • "Our daughter jumped right in and read five books in a row. Our four-year-old son has new enthusiasm for reading and has been reading to us every night since we received the package." 


      – Matt, dad to Mara and Dudley 

    • "My three-year-old brought his Just Right Reader reading mat and books to the breakfast table this morning. I couldn’t be happier knowing I’m putting him on a path to love reading!"


      – Jill, mom to Stella and Kai

    • "Just Right Reader is brilliant. It's exactly what kids and families need: more books at their 'Just Right' level." 


      – Denise, teacher 

    • "Just Right Reader has made a huge difference. My son loves it. The process was smooth and easy, and the system is set up well. He has read 200 minutes in the week we’ve had the books. Incredible!" 


      – Terri, mom to M.

    • "My son couldn't read and it didn't matter. By learning the pattern, he could 'read' the books. He loves showing off to everyone how he can read. If we didn't have the Just Right Reader books, that would have never happened"

      - Lisa, Mom to Jackson and Emma