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Welcome to Just Right Reader!



 We get Pre-K to 3rd graders excited to read with a personalized reading kit + curated 'Just Right' books at your child’s reading level.


The key to a confident reader is to read and reread their books. Once your child completely masters their set of 'Just Right' books, send them back and we will send new ones!

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How to Use Your Reading Tools

Reading Finger

Have young readers point to each word as they read them. The reading pointer makes it more fun and kids learn to point to each word as they read. This helps them read the exact words on the page and not forget or add words.

Reading Mat

Our reading mat provides a visual reminder of what your child is reading and helps build stamina and focus. Begin by placing your stack of Just Right books on the “green” side of the mat. When you finish a book, move it to the “red dot" side of the mat. When all the books are read, your child can then “make their way back” as they reread their books.

Reading Chart

Have or help your child write their name on their chart and explain how the more they read, the better they will become. Show them how to color a circle for each five minutes of reading!

After a week of reading 20 minutes each night (15 minutes for Pre-K), they can enjoy a reward of your choosing. Keep the prizes we send monthly to celebrate completing the chart! 


Feel free to be creative by using your own prizes + incentives. You know your child best! 

We would love to hear from you!


We can’t wait to see pictures of you reading and hear the stories of you reading your books.

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