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Just Right Reader's Reading Boxes

What’s In the Box?

Each box has 5-7 'Just Right' books, a parent guide to Just Right Reading, and a reading toolkit for your child.

The Reading Toolkit includes  a reading chart to encourage your child to read, prizes to reward them, a medal or award to celebrate them and a game sheet to keep it fun. 

Every box is customized for your child and at their Just Right Level. 

Pre-k budding readers also have an alphabet chart and other early learning tools and our chapter readers get special bookmarks.

How do I figure out my child's 'Just Right' Level?

Don't worry! We know that you might not know. Don't email your teacher. We got you covered.

We'll ask you questions to figure out your child's 'Just Right' reading level.  Then, we'll keep checking in to make sure your books are 'Just Right' by having you complete a feedback form letting us know if the books are too hard, too easy, or Just Right. A ‘Just Right’ feedback form comes in every box.

How will you know that my child has made progress and needs new books?

Students can Level Up by in three easy ways:

  1. A reading teacher session
  2. School recommendation to start the next Just Right level.
  3. Parents tell us that their Just Right books are too easy using our Book Level Survey
What can I expect when I meet with a 'Just Right' reading teacher?

Parents schedule a video meeting on Zoom with one of our reading teachers who will determine your child’s Just Right reading level by reading with him/her.

Your reading teacher will also talk to your child to learn their interests and passions so that we can choose books that are fun and engaging for them. We’ll also show you how to use the box so you can jumpstart your child's reading. Most importantly, they’ll share reading tips so you can accelerate your child's reading! Learn More

Why not just go to the library or bookstore?

'Just Right'books are generally just in schools. Libraries and bookstores don’t have them! 

Children are really only in a level for 4-6 weeks and you don’t need lots of books that quickly become obsolete! 

Let’s keep the books moving and the readers leveling up again and again!

What is the age range for children subscribing to 'Just Right' Reader?

Our Readers are Pre-kindergartens to 3rd graders and also students who need a little extra personalized help from a reading teacher. We are focusing on readers up to Level L at this time but are planning to add a Chapter Book Readers Box in the near future.

How do subscriptions work for siblings?

We know that when one child gets a box another wants one too! If you need two subscriptions, email us at and we will send you a special code to take $5 OFF  the second box.

How soon after I place my order will my Just Right Reader subscription start?

We will try and get you your books as soon as possible.  We personalize each subscription for your child so we typically ship within 2-3 business days.
If you choose a teacher session, we will send you a link to schedule your first session and will ship 2-3 business days afterwards. 

We make sure the books are Just Right for you!

How do I tell you about my child

Once you select a subscription, you will answer a series of questions about your child. Don't worry if you are not sure, you can update your answers in your account section at any time.

After you subscribe you can also email us with any questions.

Can I order Just Right Reader as a gift?

Absolutely! There’s no better gift than personalized Just Right books and a reading teacher. Give the gift of reading and make a strong, confident reader!

Choose any subscription and you will have an option to make it a gift at Checkout!

How can another parent or caregiver also receive the Just Right Reader Tips

It is simple! Subscribers are automatically added to our weekly Just Right Reader tips & fun games mailing list. To add another parent, caregiver, family member or friend, use this Sign Up form and make sure to select 'customer'.

What if I lose my book?

Don’t worry! We get it. When books are lost, there’s a $5 lost book fee. If you find it within a month, send it back and we’ll give you a credit!

What if my book is damaged?

Books that are read and reread are the best. We’ll try and repair it. When we can’t repair a book, there’s a $5 book fee.

How and when do I return my books

We include a mailer with a prepaid label in every box. If you misplace it, email and we can email it to you again.

You will get a reminder email 3 days before your next renewal date. This is the time to gather your books and send them back. As soon as we can see that the post office has the package, we will send you your next box!

We also offer offer an option to keep the books if that is easier for you!

Account Management

Skip deliveries, update your child's info or modify subscriptions.


Can I pause my subscription?

Absolutely! Login to your account and click on manage, from there you can choose to 'SKIP' your next box.
If you are traveling and just want to delay a shipment, email and we will be happy to help! 

I am ready to add a teacher session

You can add a teacher session anytime. Login to your account and click on manage next to your subscription, from there you can add/remove/update reading teacher sessions. 
Changes will take effect next month.

Can I change my customizations?

Yes,  login to your account and click on manage next to your subscription. You can update your child's grade, teacher, their interest, etc. and add/remove/update reading teacher sessions.